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Launching Vertical GaN

Our proprietary GaN processing technology allows for the realization of vertical conduction GaN devices which extend application voltages from 1,000 V to over 10,000 V, allowing GaN power switching devices to extend well beyond the consumer electronics application space and into more demanding applications such as electric vehicles, industrial electric motors, and energy grid applications.

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1200 Volt, low Rds-on Vertical GaN Power Transistor – All the voltage benefits of Silicon Carbide with the performance of GaN
Vertical GaN power switches enable the most efficient and highest power density power converters for industrial and automotive applications

A foundry partner to bring your world-changing products to life

If you are an innovator ready to transition to a commercial fab, Odyssey’s foundry services offer the technical expertise and manufacturing capacity you need – ready when you are, at an affordable price. Our foundry services extend beyond GaN. We work with a variety of materials and substrate dimensions. Click below to learn more.

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February 25, 2023