Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies, Inc.

Custom Foundry Services

Turn your idea into reality
A semiconductor foundry that partners with innovators and companies to bring new products and technology to market across multiple material sets and substrate dimensions

    A foundry partner to bring your world-changing products to life

    If you are an innovator ready to transition to a commercial fab, Odyssey’s foundry services offer the technical expertise and manufacturing capacity you need with flexible pricing models

    The Odyssey Advantage

    Flexible material sets, substrate dimensions and process flows
    From design and prototype to
    Short lead times, ready to start when you are ready
    Low up-front investment to reserve your wafer start

    A collaborative foundry with flexibility in substrate materials and dimensions

    Whether you source your own materials or want to leverage our network of vendors, our foundry services team will be your partner. Across a wide range of substrates, we can process full wafers or partials to help conserve expensive material.

    Case Studies

    Request a free technical consultation with our foundry experts.